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Modern group moods – beat, jazz, humorous and mystery.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3154

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Tilsley Orchestral No. 6 - Heavy Gravy cover art.

Side 1

The Syndicate (Reg Tilsley) (Beaty, up-tempo – jazz solos) 03:09

Shot In The Arm (Reg Tilsley) (Heavy, driving rhythm – fuzz guitar) 03:20

Wishbone (Reg Tilsley) (Wistful trombone feature) 02:33

Heavy Gravy (Reg Tilsley) (Fast, rhythmic – action, etc.) 01:51

Jim’s Pad (Reg Tilsley / Reg Wale) (Strong swinger) 01:59

First Bouquet (Reg Tilsley) (Naive – gently melodic) 02:59

Fun For Fred (Reg Tilsley / John Gray) (Humorous, Carnival-type waltz) 02:32

All Systems Go (Reg Tilsley) (Constant busy movement) 03:30

Side 2

Carrot Top (Reg Tilsley / Reg Wale) (Happy sound – strong beat) 03:04 (Harry Worth, Series 2 TV series theme tune)

Town Talk (Reg Tilsley) (Jazz waltz – light sunny) 01:49

Flutes Adrift (Reg Tilsley) (Soft, pensive) 02:32

Easy Moments (Reg Tilsley) (Light, incidental) 01:45

In A Trice (Reg Tilsley) (Bluesy waltz – organ feature) 02:10

Midnight Menace (Reg Tilsley) (Tension, mystery – modern) 02:30

Interrogation (Reg Tilsley) (Unusual slow movement – mystery) 01:58

Speculation (Reg Tilsley / D. Fraser) (Horror, nightmares, etc.) 02:51

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