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Wide range of sounds by large and colourful percussion ensemble.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: London Studio Sound

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3156

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Percussionarius cover art.

Side 1

Percussionarius I (Walter Warren) (Strong, forward movement) 02:44

Percussionarius II (Walter Warren) (Faster version of No. 1 – urgency) 02:12

Percussionarius III (Walter Warren) (Ponderous, rhythmic) 02:05

Percussionarius IV (Walter Warren) (Deliberate; various underlying rhythms) 02:02

Cymbalarius I (Walter Warren) (Cold, mysterious) 02:04

Cymbalarius II (Walter Warren) (Contrasting sections – dramatic feeling) 02:16

Percussionarius V (Walter Warren) (Restless – impending action) 01:39

Percussionarius VI (Walter Warren) (Uncertain – primitive) 01:52

Percussionarius VII (Walter Warren) (Fast version of above) 01:53

Side 2

Batterinarium I (Walter Warren) (Jazz drum solo – up tempo) 01:50

Batterinarium II (Walter Warren) (Bass and drum feature – up tempo) 02:10

Batterinarium III (Walter Warren) (Relentless, rhythmic) 02:24

Batterinarium IV (Walter Warren) (Light bongos and tom-toms – jungles, etc.) 02:34

Batterinarium V (Drum March) (Walter Warren) (Strong, straightforward rhythms) 01:56

Batterinarium VI (Walter Warren) (Slower version of No. V with cymbals) 01:31

Funeralius (Walter Warren) (Staccato slow march) 01:31

Low Danger I (Walter Warren) (Ominous, mystery, horror, ctc.) 01:56

Low Danger II (Walter Warren) (Tension, drama) 02:13

Low Danger III (Walter Warren) (Fear, anticipation) 02:56

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