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Colourful impressions of all periods from pre-history to recent times.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Musik Makers

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3158

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Royal Thames (John Leach) (Ceremonial, pageantry) 01:43

Elizabethan Banquet (John Leach) (Bright 6/8 dance) 01:16

For My Lady (John Leach) (Soft romantic guitar melody) 01:16

Galloping Galahad (John Leach) (Brisk novelty – slow middle section) 01:51

Courtly Revels (John Leach) (Stately, dignified dance) 03:20

Courtly Revels (Fast Version) (John Leach) 02:57

Call To Battle (John Leach) (Vigorous trumpet tune with drum) 00:42

Battle Fanfare (John Leach) (Rhythmic trumpet and horn) 00:38

Retreat (John Leach) (As above) 00:24

Post Horn Call No. 1 (John Leach) (Authentic feeling) 00:34

Post Horn Call No. 2 (John Leach) (As above, higher pitch) 00:32

Side 2

Village Dance (John Leach) (Rustic, mid-tempo piccolo feature) 01:42

Coronation Music (John Leach) (Dignified tempo-processional, etc.) 01:31

Cave Drawings (John Leach) (Primitive, simple melody) 01:24

Royal Garden (John Leach) (Refined, elegant) 02:24

Lady Salisbury (John Leach) (Contemplative, restful) 02:05

Fifes And Drum (John Leach) (Sprightly march rhythm) 01:13

The Plague (John Leach) (Sombre, mournful) 01:41

Execution Drum (John Leach) (Repeated rolls – foreboding) 00:38

Psaltery Solo No. 1 (John Leach) 01:11

Psaltery Solo No. 2 (John Leach) (Authentic stringed instrument) 01:10

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