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Medium-sized modern industrials.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3162

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Industria-Go-Go cover art.

Side 1

Industria-Go-Go (Johnny Hawksworth) (Energetic, movement) 01:45

Furnace (Johnny Hawksworth) (Solid, repetitive) 01:46

Problematic (Johnny Hawksworth) (Strange, dark activity) 02:38

Export Drive (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sophisticated, important) 02:13

Take-Over (Johnny Hawksworth) (Moody, probing) 01:24

Power People (Johnny Hawksworth) (Heavy, powerful motion) 01:43

Power People (Tag) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:06

Survey (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mid-tempo, restless) 01:40

Hot Lines (Johnny Hawksworth) (Relentless, semi-dramatic) 02:35

Check And Recheck (Johnny Hawksworth) (Smaller sound – busy, bright) 01:14

Side 2

Live Wire (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic, active) 00:59

Live Wire (Tag) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:04

Test Area (Johnny Hawksworth) (March-tempo, semi-dramatic) 03:12

Strange Activity (Johnny Hawksworth) (Unusual – interesting rhythms) 00:58

Attention . . . Machinery (Johnny Hawksworth) (Ponderous, march-like) 02:38

Instant Transit (Johnny Hawksworth) (Brisk forward movement – transport, etc.) 02:18

Juggernaut (Johnny Hawksworth) (Maze of movement, activity) 02:57

Coins And Computers (Johnny Hawksworth) (Neutral, constant – machines. etc.) 01:56

Industrial Frontiers (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rugged, beaty – the ‘big time’) 01:38

Crossed Wires (Johnny Hawksworth) (Quasi electronic – laboratories, etc.) 01:12

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