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Small group comedy and character pieces.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3163

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Mumbo Jungle (Peter Reno) (Cartoon-type mystery) 02:17

Mumbo Jungle (Tag 1) (Peter Reno) 00:05

Mumbo Jungle (Tag 2) (Peter Reno) 00:08

Mumbo Jungle (Tag 3) (Peter Reno) 00:04

Jungle Juice Version 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic pattern based on above) 01:05

Jungle Juice Version 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Faster version) 01:00

March Of The Toy Soldiers (Peter Reno) (Brisk comic march) 01:22

Toy Soldiers (Tag 1) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:06

Toy Soldiers (Tag 2) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:04

Toy Soldiers (Tag 3) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:08

March Of The Soldiers (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic pattern based on above) 00:46

Loony Lion (Peter Reno) (Slow, slinky, humorous) 01:57

Trapeze (Peter Reno) (Comic waltz) 02:22

The Dragons (Peter Reno) (Prowling, ponderous) 02:16

The Dragons (Tag 1) (Peter Reno) 00:08

The Dragons (Tag 2) (Peter Reno) 00:17

Rhino Romp (Tag) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:54

Rhino Romp (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sinister, steady movement) 02:07

Elephant Hop (Peter Reno) (Medium tempo, latin feel) 01:46

Elephant Hop Fast Version (Peter Reno) 01:25

Elephant Hop (Tag) (Peter Reno) 00:06

Jungle Dance (Peter Reno) (Rhythm Cr melodic riff based on above) 02:03

Side 2

Bang Bang Battle (Peter Reno) (Up-tempo, military) 01:27

Clowns (Peter Reno) (Zany humour – ‘oom-pah’ rhythm) 01:51

Circus Snippet 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:06

Circus Snippet 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:07

Circus Snippet 3 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fast comic tags and endings) 00:06

Circus Fanfare (Johnny Hawksworth) (Drum roll and chord) 00:08

Indians (Peter Reno) (Rhythmic, earthy, ominous) 01:01

Indians (Tag) (Peter Reno) 00:05

Dancing Giraffe (Peter Reno) (Bright sound – Latin rhythm) 02:11

Dance Of The Dolls (Peter Reno) (Delicate, slow, melodic) 02:56

The Dolls (Tag 1) (Peter Reno) 00:13

The Dolls (Tag 2) (Peter Reno) 00:07

The Dolls (Tag 3) (Peter Reno) 00:26

Town Battle (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rousing, excited) 00:55

Stampede (Peter Reno) (Fast rhythmic action) 01:31

Cowboys And Indians Ver . 1 (Peter Reno) (Easy, loping tempo) 01:20

Cowboys And Indians Ver . 2 (Peter Reno) (As above with varied instrumentation) 01:17

Cowboys And Indians (Tag) (Peter Reno) 00:06

Prairie (Tag 1) (Peter Reno) 00:09

Prairie (Tag 2) (Peter Reno) 00:07

Prairie (Tag 3) (Peter Reno) (Quiet solo brass links) 00:07

Prairie Jog (Johnny Hawksworth) (Electric bass novelty on above rhythm) 01:04

Loony Space Flight (Peter Reno) (Soft mysterious) 01:55

Space Background (Johnny Hawksworth) (Ethereal, floating) 00:50

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