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Wide variety of colourful small group impressions.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3164

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

TV Suite cover art.

Side 1

Winter Of Enchantment (Peter Fenn) (Medium-slow, melodic – in three parts ) 02:02

Courtly Tune (Peter Fenn) (Soft, romantic) 00:51

Autumn (Peter Fenn) (Slow, thoughtful) 01:14

Milissa (Peter Fenn) (Gently rhythmic) 01:02

Winter (Peter Fenn) (Cold stillness) 01:05

Mantari (Peter Fenn) (Rhythmic trumpet feature – slower middle section) 02:39

In Season (Peter Fenn) (Pounding march rhythm – movement) 01:42

Summer (Peter Fenn) (Bright, carefree) 00:24

Spring (Peter Fenn) (Cheerful, relaxing – mid-tempo) 03:06

Magic Mirror (Peter Fenn) (Mischievous, sparkling) 01:31

Enchantment Link No. 1 (Peter Fenn) (Light, up-tempo) 00:09

Enchantment Link No . 2 (Peter Fenn) (Dignified) 00:12

Enchanter’s March (Peter Fenn) (Strongly rhythmic) 00:30

Highway Robbery (Johnny Hawksworth) (Brisk, purposeful) 01:48

Highway Robbery Version 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:41

Highway Robbery Version 3 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above, drum introduction) 00:40

Highway Robbery Celeste Vers. (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slower – delicate) 00:21

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:15

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:24

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 3 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:07

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 4 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:06

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 5 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:07

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 6 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:11

Highway Robbery Endings & Links No. 7 (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:09

Dark Deeds Afoot (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sinister – relaxed tempo) 02:34

Dark Deeds Chord (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:05

Dark Deeds Fall (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:04

Side 2

Ride To Destiny (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fast-moving, punchy) 02:01

Ride To Destiny (Tag) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:05

Ride To Destiny (Tag with Fall) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:04

Time Running Out (Johnny Hawksworth) (Stealthy, with clock motif) 00:48

Undergrowth (Johnny Hawksworth) (Medium slow mystery) 02:00

Royal Pastimes (Johnny Hawksworth) (Courtly, relaxed) 01:28

Search And Survival (Johnny Hawksworth) (Apprehension, wariness) 01:03

Elegance (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dignified, stately) 01:24

Elegance (Tag) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:07

March Into History (Johnny Hawksworth) (Proud, rhythmic) 01:00

March Into History (Tag) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:07

Apparition Of Fear (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slow dissolves) 00:26

Shadow And Substance (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:25

Through The Forest (Johnny Hawksworth) (Steady rhythmic progress) 01:41

Satin And Crinoline (Johnny Hawksworth) (Delicate, tuneful) 00:38

Satin And Crinoline Short Vers. (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:11

Search And Destroy (Johnny Hawksworth) (Disjointed – uncertainty, fear) 01:20

Journey Homeward (Johnny Hawksworth) (Bright, medium tempo) 02:22

Journey Homeward (Tag 1) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:09

Journey Homeward (Tag 2) (Johnny Hawksworth); (Peter Fenn) 00:09

Ethereal Theme (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slow harpsichord feature) 01:34

The Net Tightens (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dark, aggressive) 01:42

18th Century Street Scene (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light activity) 00:33

Leap For Life (Johnny Hawksworth) (Falling sting) 00:06

Scaffold Drum (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sombre, steady rhythm) 00:22

Scaffold Drum Version 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sombre, steady rhythm) 01:03

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