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Latin-American moods, and pieces featuring Ondes Martenot.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3168

Release Date: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Los Bongos (Pierre Arvay) (Lighthearted Latin-American mood) 02:32

Badahe (Pierre Arvay) (Up tempo, with vocal riffs) 02:11

El Chaco (Pierre Arvay) (Slow, pensive ‘cello feature) 03:21

La Caballero De La Noche (Pierre Arvay) (Light, outdoor sound) 02:28

Samba De La Marquesa (Pierre Arvay) (Fast-moving, urgent) 02:15

Spanish Blues (Pierre Arvay) (Moody, unusual) 03:06

Holiday For Drums (Pierre Arvay) (Rhythmic, mechanical) 02:57

Side 2

Sonata (Pierre Arvay) (Modern piece in changing moods – piano accompaniment) 12:36 (Dawn Of The Dead cue)

Berceuse Pour Danielle (Pierre Arvay) (Gentle, sympathetic) 02:03

Danse Du Grizzly (Pierre Arvay) (Ponderous, comic) 01:16

Rosine (Pierre Arvay) (Delicate, brittle) 01:09

Ronde Pour Catharine (Pierre Arvay) (Light, up-tempo) 00:38

Serenade A Une Ourse Espagnol (Pierre Arvay) (Jaunty, humorous) 01:23

Ecole Buissoniere (Pierre Arvay) (Mid-tempo, light interest) 01:08

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