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Typical solo moods – traditional and new.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3173

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Blow The Man Down (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Sea shanty in two tempi) 01:36

The Quiet Front (Peter Reno) (Plaintive, “folksy”) 01:48

Sea Mist (Peter Reno) (Restful, sad) 01:39

Sarie Marie (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Bright, simple) 01:04

Home Sweet Home (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Slow, sentimental) 03:02

Concertina Man (Peter Reno) (Cheerful waltz) 01:41

Can’t You Dance The Polka? (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Carefree polka melody) 01:21

Dawn City (Peter Reno) (Pensive modern theme) 02:02

World Of Trouble (Peter Reno) (Bluesy, mid-tempo) 01:32

Tom’s Gone To Hilo (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Peaceful folk-tune) 01:33

Underground (J. Parker) (Rhythmic, modern) 01:10

The Drunken Sailor (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Bright, up-tempo) 01:06

English Country Dance (J. Parker) (Folk-type – 6/8 rhythm) 01:19

Last Rose Of Summer (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Slow, romantic) 02:01

Irish Jig (J. Parker) (Up-tempo, national) 01:31

Welsh Folk Song (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Gentle, national) 02:26

Side 2

Scottish Reel (J. Parker) (Up-tempo, national) 01:21

Australia (J. Parker) (Authentic-sounding folk tune) 01:23

Allouette (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Perky arrangement) 01:18

Parisian Waltz (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Relaxed, expressive) 01:18

Italian Waltz (Traditional) (J. Parker) (Carefree atmosphere) 02:24

Italian Variations (J. Parker) (Classical-style theme and variations) 03:26

Chapel Voluntary (J. Parker) (Slow, solemn) 02:21

Congregation (J. Parker) (Stately, stirring) 02:21

The Hunt (J. Parker) (Brisk 6/8 tempo) 01:57

Harmonium Boogie (J. Parker) (Humorous 12-bar blues) 02:42

Harmonium Blues (J. Parker) (Modern, mid-tempo) 02:41

Slummin’ (J. Parker) (Slow bluesy mood) 02:29

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