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Extensive and colourful range of pipe organ music.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3177

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Brave Purpose (Simon Park) (Bold , vigorous – march-like) 02:11

Soliloquy (Simon Park) (Quiet , contemplative) 03:49

Prelude And Fugue (Movement 1) (Simon Park) (In the style of Bach) 02:00

Prelude And Fugue (Movement 2) (Simon Park) (In the style of Bach) 02:25

Indigo (Simon Park) (Moody – modern harmonies) 03:28

Classical Variations (Simon Park) (Four movements – 18th Century style) 02:05

To A Child (Simon Park) (Simple, melodic) 01:03

Brainstorm (Simon Park) (Violent, cacophonic, disasters, etc.) 03:33

Silent Night (Traditional) (Simon Park) (Quiet, peaceful arrangement) 00:53

Side 2

Free Idea (Simon Park) (Improvisation – build to climax, and fade) 05:55

Bridal March (Simon Park) (Wedding service introduction) 01:15

The Mist (Simon Park) (Dark, mysterious) 02:17

Trumpet Tune (Simon Park) (Bright Baroque theme) 02:28

Trauma (Simon Park) (Slow, menacing theme) 03:01

O Come All Ye Faithful (Traditional) (Simon Park) (Stately, triumphant) 00:57

Double Take (Simon Park) (Fast, active novelty) 02:55

Organ Short No. 1 (Simon Park) 00:08

Organ Short No. 2 (Simon Park) 00:06

Organ Short No. 3 (Simon Park) 00:12

Organ Short No. 4 (Simon Park) 00:10

Organ Short No. 5 (Simon Park) 00:05

Organ Short No. 6 (Simon Park) 00:06

Organ Short No. 7 (Simon Park) 00:11

Organ Short No. 8 (Simon Park) 00:06

Organ Short No. 9 (Simon Park) 00:07

Organ Short No. 10 (Simon Park) 00:23

Organ Short No. 11 (Simon Park) 00:11

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