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Miscellaneous selection of orchestral sounds.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3181

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Swivel cover art.

Side 1

Fraud Squad (Earl Ward) (Rhythmic, melodic T.V. Theme) 01:30

Swivel (Reg Tilsley) (Beaty pop-orchestral – unusual construction) 03:22

Acapulco 2022 (R. Denny) (Sunny, rhythmic, mid-tempo) 02:58

Spring Chick (Simon Haseley) (Bright, young movement) 02:10

Pancho (R. Denny) (Active Spanish Waltz) 02:46

Antiques (Earl Ward) (Harpsichord & string quartet – classical style) 02:42

Outcast (R. Denny) (Modern, moody orchestral) 03:23

Harpsirock (Earl Ward) (Brash, rhythmic) 03:10

Side 2

Inspector Rose Theme (John Snow) (Light, cheery Jazz-Waltz) 02:15

Crime International (Paul Kass) (Hard, driving theme) 01:25

Theme For Jean (Earl Ward) (Slow, romantic harpsichord feature) 04:39

The Smurf (Jack Trombey) (Jaunty, easy-going) 02:14

Cuddles (R. Denny) (Warm, relaxing) 04:11

Night Idyll (Earl Ward) (Peaceful flute & orchestra) 02:39

Easy Chair (Jack Trombey) (Mid-tempo, light incidental) 01:54

Inspector Rose Theme – Short Version (John Snow) (Light, cheery Jazz-Waltz) 01:26

Fraud Squad Link 1 (Earl Ward) (Based on main theme) 00:10

Fraud Squad Link 2 (Earl Ward) (Based on main theme) 00:10

Fraud Squad Link 3 (Earl Ward) (Based on main theme) 00:09

Fraud Squad Link 4 (Earl Ward) (Based on main theme) 00:08

Fraud Squad Link 5 (Earl Ward) (Based on main theme) 00:09

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