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Wide variety of comedy styles, large and small.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3187

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Pantalone (Pierre Arvay) (Comic plodding – large animals, etc.) 02:10

Danse Du Grizzly (Pierre Arvay) (Ponderous low-key novelty) 01:16

Le Mammouth Et L’oiseau (Pierre Arvay) (Rhythmic, bright – featuring tuba) 02:29

Little Ballet (Pierre Arvay) (Humorous “send-up” – changing moods) 02:51

Parade A Poupee-Ville (Pierre Arvay) (Light, rhythmic – march feel) 02:25

Le Galop De La Goulue (Pierre Arvay) (Happy orchestral gallop) 01:27

Quand Les Etoiles S’amusent (Pierre Arvay) (Bright, comic – tempo changes) 03:20

Marche Du Gendarme (Pierre Arvay) (Light-hearted incidental) 02:00

Side 2

Tango Du Clown (Pierre Arvay) (Latin novelty with comedy F/X) 02:28

Ballade Francaise (Pierre Arvay) (Up-tempo, national) 02:25

Le Bon Numero (Pierre Arvay) (Cheery, melodic) 02:03

Album De Famille (Pierre Arvay) (Strongly illustrative – contrasting sections) 02:21

L’oeil Iberique (Pierre Arvay) (Bizzare Spanish mood) 02:24

Majorette’s March (Pierre Arvay) (American style quick march) 02:12

Dr. Ibus (Pierre Arvay) (Bright, zany, rhythmic) 01:57

Promenade Avec Gershwin (Pierre Arvay) (Light, round-and-about – slow middle section) 02:26

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