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Near and Middle Eastern music by small group featuring authentic instruments.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3190

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Arabia cover art.

Side 1

Undertones (John Leach) (Rhythmic, repetitive string trio & flute) 02:56

Morning Shadows (John Leach) (Relaxed, thoughtful) 02:00

Bazaar (John Leach) (Authentic qanun, tabla and percussion) 01:07

Bazaar – Flute Version (John Leach) (Authentic flute and violin) 00:34

Revolution (John Leach) (Dramatic, rhythmic neutral) 00:51

Dancing Troupe (John Leach) (Mid-tempo qanun and percussion) 01:59

Near East Reflections (John Leach) (Quiet, slow) 00:52

Arab Drumming – Version 1 (John Leach) (Fast, vigorous) 00:57

Arab Drumming – Version 2 (John Leach) (Fast, vigorous) 01:06

Peace Link (John Leach) (Soft flute and guitar) 00:21

Peace Link No. 2 (John Leach) (Soft, building at end) 00:24

Preparation (John Leach) (Dark, aggressive tension-builder) 00:35

Call Of The Flute – Version 1 (John Leach) (Whimsical, florid) 01:18

Call Of The Flute – Version 2 (John Leach) (Whimsical, florid) 00:53

Santur Mood No. 1 (John Leach) (Authentic, exotic) 02:00

Santur Mood No. 2 (John Leach) (Authentic, exotic) 02:02

The Shepherd – Piccolo Version (John Leach) (Wistful, simple) 01:09

The Shepherd – Violin Version (John Leach) (Wistful, simple) 01:18

The Shepherd – Violin Version (John Leach) (Extra End) 00:26

Side 2

Near East Celebration (John Leach) (Jaunty flute feature) 01:05

Shopping Area (John Leach) (Easy-going, melodic) 02:55

Hookah (John Leach) (Qanun and tabla) 02:00

Flute Arabe (John Leach) (Rhythmic flute and tabla) 01:15

Desert Flute (John Leach) (Slower flute and tabla) 02:10

Ancient Culture (John Leach) (Dignified strings and guitar) 02:00

Ancient Culture – Version 2 (John Leach) (Solo viola version) 00:40

Guitar Link (John Leach) (Neutral solo guitar) 01:05

Solo Tabla (John Leach) (Constant rhythm) 01:00

The Holy City (John Leach) (Slow, mystical) 02:27

Clap And Dance (John Leach) (Tabla, tambourine and clapping – rhythmic) 00:41

Arabian Rhythm No. 1 (John Leach) (Tabla and tambourine – rhythmic) 02:30

Arabian Rhythm No. 2 (John Leach) (Tabla and tambourine – rhythmic) 01:09

Arabian Rhythm No. 3 (John Leach) (Tabla and tambourine – rhythmic) 00:22

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