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Spectacular contemporary themes scored for full orchestra.

Label: KPM

Cat. Number: KPM 1108

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side A

Superstar (Jean Bouchety) (Big expansive theme – piano lead) 02:52

Superstar (Jean Bouchety) (Big expansive theme – trumpet lead) 02:52

The Great Love Affair (Jean Bouchety) (Broad romantic theme featuring piano) 02:52

Venus (Jean Bouchety) (Reflective opening – builds to full orchestra – reverts as opening to full ending) 03:32

20th Century Pageant (Jean Bouchety) (Bright period cum modern style)

The Girl From La Mancha (Jean Bouchety) (Flowing serenade for guitar and orchestra) 02:37

Chicago Generator (Jean Bouchety) (Heavy medium pace flamboyant rock) 02:50

Side B

The Magic Castle (Jean Bouchety) (Colourful rhythmic theme featuring trumpet) 02:10

Birth Of A Generation (Jean Bouchety) (Imposing dignified modern theme) 02:45

Lucky Streak (Jean Bouchety) (Charming “success story”, trumpet feature) 02:11

Growing Up (Jean Bouchety) (Simple theme featuring recorder and orchestral underlay) 02:25

Taking Off (Jean Bouchety) (Powerful uptempo theme featuring voices) 02:40

Taking Off (Jean Bouchety) (As above with bass voices) 02:40

Meanwhile Back In The Studio (Jean Bouchety) (Humorous Razzmatazz) 02:49

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