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Olde Tyme orchestral and dance-band music, film and music¬hall styles.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Theatre Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3192

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Movie Go Round cover art.

Side 1

Let’s Open The Show (Jack Trombey) (Boisterous theatre overture) 00:43

Hollywood Bowl Waltz (Keith Essex) (Light up-tempo waltz) 01:00

Radio Revels (Adrian Ludlow) (Dance-band foxtrot – medium slow) 02:00

March Of The Movies (Keith Essex) (Bright, cheerful, brash) 02:26

Starlet In The Starlight (Keith Essex) (Melodic, warm, romantic) 03:20

Rhythm In A Row (D. Dwyer) (Up-tempo, carefree) 02:14

Our Love (H. Taylor) (Dance-band foxtrot, medium tempo) 01:31

Keep Your Face To The Sunshine (L. Crocker) (Comic, music-hall style, swinger) 02:53

Straw Hat And Walking Stick (Else Van Epen) (Light, easy-going, rhythmic) 01:32

Castles In The Air (D. Dwyer) (Big, soaring title) 02:31

Paulette (Ivor Slaney) (Relaxed dance-band, soloists featured) 01:39

The Show Goes On (Ivor Slaney) (Carefree, round-and-about) 02:56

Side 2

Theatre Overture (Anthony Mawer) (Fast, colourful) 02:35

Loretta (Ivor Slaney) (Lazy trumpet and orchestra) 02:08

Movie Go Round (Jack Trombey) (Bright “oom pah” rhythm) 03:38

Park Lane Strut (H. Taylor) (Dance-band foxtrot, medium tempo) 00:59

Autumn Serenade (G. Becce) (Romantic strings) 03:30

Opus For Lovers (H. Taylor) (Dance-band foxtrot, medium tempo) 01:31

Turntable (Jack Trombey) (Fast xylophone novelty) 01:37

Ella’s Tune (Ivor Slaney) (Relaxed dance-band, soloists featured) 01:30

Third Serenata (J. Heykens) (Sweeping, romantic, melodic) 02:33

Midnight Rendezvous (Anthony Mawer) (Lush, easy-paced orchestral) 02:27

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