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Authentically performed instrumental music from the 13th-16th Centuries.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Court Players

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3197

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Kalenda Maya (Traditional) (Repetitive melody, with drone) 01:31

Danse Royale No. 1 (Traditional) (Dignified, sombre) 01:53

Danse Royale No. 2 (Traditional) (Cheerful, rhythmic) 01:26

Danse Royale No. 3 (Traditional) (Solemn, hypnotic) 04:18

Ductia (Traditional) (Simple, bright) 00:36

Tant Con Je Vivrai (Traditional) (Reflective, melancholic) 01:20

Tristan’s Lament (Traditional) (Strident sound) 02:21

Saltarello (Traditional) (Up-tempo, exuberant) 01:22

Belle Que Tient Ma Vie (Traditional) (Courtly, melodic) 01:19

Pavane And Galliard D’angleterre (Traditional) (Two refined dances) 01:58

Passamezzo (Traditional) (Medium-tempo, rhythmic) 02:18

Galliard (Traditional) (Quicker, rhythmic) 00:35

Almande Prince (Traditional) (Decorative melody, chordal accompaniment) 01:24

De Post (Traditional) (Perky, bright) 00:46

Fanfare No. 1 (Traditional) (Fairly quick) 00:15

Fanfare No. 2 (Traditional) (Deliberate, rhythmic) 00:16

Fanfare No. 3 (Traditional) (Light, active, with drone) 00:25

Fanfare No. 4 (Traditional) (3/4 rhythm) 00:35

Side 2

Battle Galliard (Traditional) (Boisterous, rhythmic) 01:20

Battle Pavane (Traditional) (March-feeling) 02:29

Galliard De La Garde (Traditional) (Refined courtly dance) 01:16

Pavane De La Garde (Traditional) (As above-slower) 02:36

Almonde Savoye (Traditional) (Up-tempo, changing rhythms) 00:49

Theme And Variation (Traditional) (Colourful, active) 01:37

Medley (Traditional) (Up-tempo, changing rhythms) 03:21

When Shall My Sorrowful Sighings Slack? (Traditional) (Gentle, plaintive) 02:35

Consort 24 (Traditional) (Lively, contrapuntal) 01:19

Corranto – Version 1 (Traditional) (Bright, active) 00:33

Corranto – Version 2 (Traditional) (As above-touch of humour) 00:35

Volta (Traditional) (Lively dance) 01:01

The Sick Tune (Traditional) (Slow, pensive) 01:24

The Passameasures (Traditional) (Intricate, mid-tempo) 01:13

Packington’s Pound (Traditional) (Stately, refined) 00:51

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