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Powerful instrument rock music with brass.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: Meatball

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3199

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Atomic Butterfly cover art.

Side 1

Atomic Butterfly (Barry Stoller) (Exuberant, fast-moving) 02:36

Pentagram (Barry Stoller) (Moody, aggressive) 02:54

Day Starter (Barry Stoller) (Pounding, bright) 02:33

Funky Spider (Barry Stoller) (Earthy novelty) 02:37

Cool Character (Barry Stoller) (Mid-tempo, beaty) 02:23

Scoopman (Barry Stoller) (Punchy, active) 02:11

Saturday About Town (Barry Stoller) (Cheerful, out-and-about) 02:40

Pixie (Barry Stoller) (Brash, driving) 02:41

Side 2

Hitch-Hike (Barry Stoller) (Pacy, forward-moving) 01:56

Groupie (Barry Stoller) (Melodic-solid rhythm) 02:12

Hip-Tank (Barry Stoller) (Semi-dramatic, imposing) 02:22

Groundunder (Barry Stoller) (Heavy movement-repetitive) 02:28

Boobs (Barry Stoller) (Snappy, energetic) 01:57

Midnight Country (Barry Stoller) (Funky, hard-hitting) 02:36

Enterprising Smithy (Barry Stoller) (Bright riffs over solid rhythm) 01:59

Mighty Mouse (Barry Stoller) (Fast jazz-guitar and piano feature) 02:37

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