Oct 042011

Reg Tilsley interprets Pierre Arvay.

Label: Hudson

Cat. Number: HMC/LP 504

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Classical Colours (Pierre Arvay) (Joyful, medium-tempo, melodic) 02:19

Leaves Turning Brown (Pierre Arvay) (Slow, romantic – pianos featured) 02:36

The Vienna Affair (Pierre Arvay) (Vigorous rhythmic theme – pianos featured) 02:27

The Glass Triangle (Pierre Arvay) (Lilting, medium-tempo) 03:38

Summer Rain (Pierre Arvay) (Light, easy movement) 03:06

Side 2

As Time Goes On (Pierre Arvay) (Exuberant, constant movement) 01:52

She Came Back (Pierre Arvay) (Mid-tempo 3/4 – romantic, optimistic) 02:08

Weazle (Pierre Arvay) (Bright, beaty, carefree) 02:34

And It’s Spring (Pierre Arvay) (Romantic, warm) 02:07

Lady Constance (Pierre Arvay) (Dignified, gentle) 03:24


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