Oct 072011

Light orchestral and group music with a warm sunny flavour.

Label: Hudson

Cat. Number: HMC/LP 505

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

El Alamo (Peter Reno) 03:55

Spring Ride (Peter Reno) 02:14

Eagle Sky (Peter Reno) 02:34

Westward Track (Peter Reno) 03:18

Lazy Breeze (Peter Reno) 02:09

Outlaw (Peter Reno) 02:03

Young And Lovely (Peter Reno) 02:03

Friendly Face (Peter Reno) 02:17

Two People (Peter Reno) 02:43

Side 2

Camillano (Peter Reno) 02:10

Midday Magic (Peter Reno) 02:37

That Was September (Peter Reno) 03:01

Bedtime Story (Peter Reno) 03:14

Yearling (Peter Reno) 02:26

He And She (Peter Reno) 03:08

Renalda (Peter Reno) 02:47

Summer Song (Peter Reno) 03:53

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