Oct 072011

Label: Hudson

Orchestra/Group: The Pierre Arvay Ensemble

Cat. Number: HMC/LP 509

Release Date: 1974

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Empty Horizons cover art.

Side 1

Wide Horizons (Pierre Arvay) 04:29

Cantique De Neige (Pierre Arvay) 03:19

Ice Floe (Pierre Arvay) 02:10

Caverne De Glace (Pierre Arvay) 04:06

Snowbirds (Pierre Arvay) 02:44

Side 2

Leng (Pierre Arvay) 03:33

Snowblinks (Pierre Arvay) 04:05

Desert De Glace (Pierre Arvay) 03:50

Kadath (Pierre Arvay) 04:14

Crystal Cave (Pierre Arvay) 02:37

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