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Small group in light pop moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3203

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Tickover (Reg Tilsley) (Easy-going, carefree, mid-tempo) 01:46

Mary Gold (Peter Milray) (Gentle, melodic, rhythmic) 02:14

Jo-Jo (Reg Tilsley) (Delicate 3/4 tempo) 01:58

Bustler (Reg Tilsley) (Cheeky, active) 02:20

New Town (Peter Milray) (Bright, bouncing) 02:32

Barefoot Summer (Simon Haseley) (Lazy, wistful, bluesy atmosphere) 02:56

The Bouncer (Peter Milray) (Cheerful, brash) 02:35

Soft Chaconne (Reg Tilsley) (Mellow, flowing) 01:58

The Grunt (Reg Tilsley) (Rhythmic novelty) 01:48

Spree (Simon Haseley) (Jaunty, carefree) 00:27

Side 2

Lollypop Man (Peter Milray) (Brisk, simple, melodic) 03:22

Sifting Shades (Reg Tilsley) (Medium-slow, pensive) 01:55

Systematic (Peter Milray) (Sharply rhythmic, semi-dramatic) 02:05

Ripple (Simon Haseley) (Easy going, glistening, melodic) 02:13

Wah-Wah (Peter Milray) (Gentle novelty – hint of humour) 02:25

The Good Years (Peter Milray) (Melodic, medium tempo) 03:00

Good Fun (Peter Milray) (Straightforward, happy sound) 03:46

Cloud Nine Version 1 (Reg Tilsley) 00:28

Cloud Nine Version 2 (Reg Tilsley) 00:28

Cloud Nine Version 3 (Reg Tilsley) (Very slow, romantic) 00:51

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