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Various vocal pieces sung by men and boys including Religious chants and church music.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Chorale

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3204

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Ave Verum Corpus (Simon Haseley) (Solemn, dignified) 03:18

Si Ascendero (Simon Haseley) (C7th Mozarabic Chant) 01:01

Ut Queant Laxis (Simon Haseley) (C11th Plainsong – men’s voices in unison) 00:34

Congaudeunt Catholici (Simon Haseley) (C12th Organum – men’s voices in 3 parts) 00:33

Pastime With Good Company (Henry VIII) (Bright courtly song) 00:49

My Heart Is High Above (Simon Haseley) (C16th Madrigal) 01:34

Benedictus (G. P. da Palestrina) (Two part setting from the Mass – mixed voices, contranuptal, solemn) 02:47

Sing Aloud (Simon Haseley) (Joyful C18th – style anthem) 02:17

With Thee, Jesus (Simon Haseley) (Chorale tune in 4-part harmony) 01:09

Hark! The Herald Angels (Simon Haseley) (3 verses – last with descant) 03:12

Side 2

Strength Lies In Wisdom (Simon Haseley) (Robust school song – “speech-day” style) 01:54

Strength Lies In Wisdom Version 2 (Simon Haseley) (As above, with boys only) 00:46

Epilogue (Simon Haseley) (Peaceful, contemplative) 02:51

Soft Joy (Gordon Grant) (Two sections, restrained and bright, wordless) 01:04

Venite (Simon Haseley) (Psalm 100 set to characteristic Church chant) 01:34

The King Of Love My Shepherd Is (J. B. Dykes) (Hymn with 6 verses – paraphrase of Psalm 23) 03:00

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen (Traditional – Arranged By Simon Haseley) (Spiritual – unaccompanied voices in harmony) 03:33

Forty Years On (J. Farmer / E. Bower, arranged by Simon Haseley) (Traditional school song-bright, vigorous) 03:39

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