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Group music for holiday situations with strong rhythms.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3206

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

L.A. Holiday (Peter Reno) (Jaunty, carefree) 02:12

Costa Rock (Peter Reno) (Mid-tempo waltz – Spanish flavour) 01:32

Sunshine Baby (Peter Reno) (Easy-going Calypso) 01:57

Sundream (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slow, warm, languid) 04:54

Sundream Version 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (A little quicker) 03:26

Corniche (Peter Reno) (General holiday background – rhythmic) 03:29

Side 2

Sunglow (Peter Reno) (Colourful, unusual construction) 02:47

Sunshine Siesta (Peter Reno) (Warm, relaxing) 02:44

Beachboy (Peter Reno) (Light melodic novelty) 01:27

Lazy Afternoon (Peter Reno) (Slow, deliberate) 01:44

Beaches And Cream (Johnny Hawksworth) (Lightly – swinging, cool) 03:03

August Drifter (Peter Reno) (Light sunny atmosphere) 02:07

Sunstroll (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic, gentle motion) 02:38


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