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A variety of modern big band pieces covering a wide selection of moods including a selection of fanfare played by Tilsley Orchestral.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3210

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Find The Lady (Peter Reno) (Easy-going, lightly rhythmic, melodic) 02:22

Royal Flush (Peter Reno) (Steady builder – regal, march-like) 02:31

Wheel Of Fortune (Reg Tilsley) (Unusual rhythm patterns – uncertain, reserved) 03:42

Queen High (Peter Reno) (Gentle, wistful, warm) 02:48

Big Stripper (Reg Tilsley) (Bawdy, ponderous, brassy) 03:13

Snap (Peter Reno) (Bright, sharp sound – quick tempo) 02:16

Solitaire (Peter Reno) (Mid-tempo, melodic) 02:30

Side 2

Stripper Rosie (Reg Tilsley) (Pounding, exuberant, sleazy) 02:26

Chance (Peter Reno) (Furtive, light tension) 02:03

Joker (Peter Reno) (Light, humorous waltz) 02:22

Winner’s Deck (Peter Reno) (Steady, cautious movements) 02:24

Bunny Girl (Reg Tilsley) (Gentle, lilting 3/4) 02:53

Double Deal (Peter Reno) (Rhythmic, staccato feel) 02:25

New Fanfares No. 1 (Reg Tilsley) (Ceremonial, military) 00:08

New Fanfares No. 2 (Reg Tilsley) (Faster version of 1) 00:06

New Fanfares No. 3 (Reg Tilsley) (March rhythm) 00:06

New Fanfares No. 4 (Reg Tilsley) (Longer version of 3) 00:10

New Fanfares No. 5 (Reg Tilsley) (As above) 00:10

New Fanfares No. 6 (Reg Tilsley) (Stately, drawn-out titles etc.) 00:12

New Fanfares No. 7 (Reg Tilsley) (Faster version of 6) 00:09

New Fanfares No. 8 (Reg Tilsley) (Vigorous, historical feeling) 00:10

New Fanfares No. 9 (Reg Tilsley) (Faster version of 8) 00:09

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