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Colourful small group plus strings, containing a variety of moods including theme and variations.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3211

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

TV Suite No. 3 cover art.

Side 1

Annabel’s Theme (Peter Reno) (Jaunty ’20’s’ style theme) 02:15

Annabel’s Late Date (Peter Reno) (Smoothy clarinet feature) 03:29

Annabel Steps Out (Peter Reno) (Up-tempo, carefree, round-and-about) 01:52

Annabel’s Nightmare (Peter Reno) (Cold, melancholic – nightmares etc.) 02:32

Annabel’s Dream (Peter Reno) (Light, flippant, uncertain) 02:21

Annabel’s Ragtime (Peter Reno) (Earthy, rhythmic Dixieland jazz) 03:08

Annabel’s In Danger (Peter Reno) (Dramatic, tension) 02:01

Annabel’s Rhumba (Peter Reno) (Danceband sound) 02:19

Annabel’s Man (Peter Reno) (Slow, dreamy Dixieland) 04:48

Annabel’s Tango (Peter Reno) (‘Palm Court’ style strings and piano) 01:57

Side 2

A Smile, A Tear (Bunny J. Browne) (Gentle, romantic) 01:48

Fluid Forms (Bunny J. Browne) (Simple, warm) 02:50

Shuffalong (Bunny J. Browne) (Rhythmic, easy-going, jaunty) 02:10

Past Recall (Bunny J. Browne) (Sentimental, pensive) 02:42

Fancy That (Bunny J. Browne) (Bright mover) 01:17

Snoopy (Bunny J. Browne) (Perky, light-hearted) 01:39

Cold Dreams (Bunny J. Browne) (Wistful, lilting) 01:59

Odd Beat (Bunny J. Browne) (Rhythmic novelty – wild flute) 00:33

Odd Beat Version 2 (Bunny J. Browne) (Rhythm section only) 00:39

Odd Beat Tag (Bunny J. Browne) 00:04

Woodland Impressions (Bunny J. Browne) (Delicate, misty atmosphere) 02:29

Fizz Bang (Bunny J. Browne) (Lively, active, bouncing) 01:04

Country Haze (Bunny J. Browne) (Gentle, rhythmic, thoughtful) 02:12

Town Bound (Bunny J. Browne) (Brash, heavy movement) 00:27

Town Bound Tag (Bunny J. Browne) 00:04

Lingering (Bunny J. Browne) (Limpid, abstract) 01:31

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