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Modern melodic small group moods featuring guitar and flute. Including pop and blues.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: Ten Plus

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3213

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Hot Night cover art.

Side 1

Hot Night (Alan Parker) (Torrid, heavy, bluesy) 02:46

Gentle Feeling (Alan Parker) (Colourful, simple, melodic) 02:25

Passing Through (Alan Parker) (Bright, pacey) 02:38

Together (Alan Parker) (Gentle, light, naive) 02:30

The Hustler (Alan Parker) (Driving, raw, repetetive) 02:30

Just Angie (Alan Parker) (Delicate, rhythmic 3/4) 02:17

Good Morning (Alan Parker) (Carefree, movement) 02:49

Beautiful People (Alan Parker) (Mid-tempo, gentle, melodic) 03:12

Side 2

One More Time (Alan Parker) (Cheerful, exuberant, repetitive) 02:30

South Side (Alan Parker) (Heavy, beaty, bluesy) 03:20

Light And Easy (Alan Parker) (Restful, simple, innocent) 03:16

Hip Shaker (Alan Parker) (Bright, up-beat Reggae rhythm) 02:12

Hangin’ Around (Alan Parker) (Wistful, lazy) 03:18

Reggae Time (Alan Parker) (Mid-tempo, guitar feature) 02:42

Smoke House Blues (Alan Parker) (Funky, sultry, relaxed) 02:21

Reggae Please (Alan Parker) (Mid-tempo, guitar feature) 02:27

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