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Big band sounds with the emphasis on rhythm for industrial titles, and underscores etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3222

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Big Break (Jack Trombey) (Punchy, staccato) 01:50

Flowline (Reg Tilsley) (Unusual fluid sound – dramatic undertones) 02:57

Big Incentive (Reg Tilsley) (Rhythmic, vital) 02:53

Package Line (Reg Tilsley) (Light, jaunty – activity) 02:40

Spot Check (Jack Trombey) (Busy, rhythmic) 01:51

Detail Work (Jack Trombey) (Light, intricate) 02:24

Payroll (Jack Trombey) (Urgent, aggressive) 02:17

Roller Drive (Reg Tilsley) (Medium-tempo, rhythmic) 02:07

Side 2

New Delivery (Reg Tilsley) (Bright, movement) 02:50

Rivet Gun (Reg Tilsley) (Pounding, active) 02:32

Tight Schedule (Jack Trombey) (Heavy rhythmic neutral) 02:10

Production Team (Jack Trombey) (Medium-tempo, rhythmic) 03:00

Dynamo (Reg Tilsley) (Bright, up-tempo) 02:19

New Target (Reg Tilsley) (Heavy rhythmic neutral) 02:33

Push Rod (Jack Trombey) (Flowing, easy-tempo) 01:53

New Product (Jack Trombey) (Jaunty, good-humoured) 02:38


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