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Characteristic National music from Europe. Countries featured are Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Holland, Italy and Sweden.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3223

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

This Is Germany No. 1 (Hugo de Groot) (Proud Expansive – National Themes) 02:51

This Is Germany No. 2 (Hugo de Groot) (Boisterous, March-Like) 02:40

Beer Garden Waltz (Hugo de Groot) (Characteristic Brass-Band Sound) 01:15

Beer Garden Polka (Hugo de Groot) (As Above) 00:50

Beer Garden March (Hugo de Groot) (As Above) 01:10

This Is Austria – Iändler (Hugo de Groot) (Bright, Melodic – Romantic End) 01:43

This Is Austria – Polka March (Hugo de Groot) (Jaunty, Cheerful) 01:04

Call Of Spain (Anthony Mawer) (Characteristic Solo Trumpet Fanfare, With Castanet Ending) 00:28

Spanish Lace (Ivor Slaney) (Melodic, Romantic Strings) 02:53

Bullfight (George Warwick) (Forceful, Brass-Band Sound) 02:48

Mantilla (Keith Papworth) (Gentle, Intimate String Sound, With Castanets) 02:51

Banderilleros (Hugo de Groot) (Brisk, Carefree Orchestral) 03:07

Side 2

This Is France (Hugo de Groot) (National Theme Leading Into Melodic Accordion And Orchestra) 01:27

French Flavour (Derek Laren) (Jaunty Parisian-Type Sound – Accordion Featured) 01:26

Sur Le Pont D’Avignon (F. Spencer) (Cheery, Tuneful) 02:04

Midinette (Derek Laren) (Dainty, Waltz-Tempo – Accordion Featured) 02:05

Accordeona (L. Noiret / Anthony Mawer) (Light-Hearted, Waltz-Tempo – Accordion Feature) 02:35

This Is Holland (Derek Laren) (Happy Uncomplicated – Accordion Feature) 01:58

Wooden Shoes Polka (Jack Trombey (Cheerful, Characteristic Feel) 03:37

Neapolitan Love Song (Hugo de Groot) (Warm, Lilting, Nostalgic) 02:39

Lungo Filaccio – The Long Thread (Roberto Cardinali) (Male Vocal In Italian – Melodic, Bright) 02:14

This Is Sweden (Hugo de Groot) (Gentle, Reflective Strings) 01:44

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