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Small and medium sized group playing a variety of rhythmic pieces for industry.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3225

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Formula cover art.

Side 1

Plus Two (Barry Stoller) (Persistent, active) 02:03

Zoom (Barry Stoller) (Bright staccato movement over fast rhythm) 01:55

Hydro (Barry Stoller) (Steady, melodic, optimistic) 01:57

Memory Bank (Barry Stoller) (Light, dramatic, active) 02:10

Anticipation (Barry Stoller) (Hypnotic march rhythm – steady builder) 02:01

Stylus (Barry Stoller) (Light dramatic interjections over fast rhythm) 02:03

Condition Red (Barry Stoller) (Ominous, mechanical, repetitive) 02:01

Enzymes (Barry Stoller) (Steady 6/8 rhythm – air of mystery) 02:14

Side 2

Long Weekend (Barry Stoller) (Jaunty tune over heavy percussive rhythm) 02:33

Formula (Barry Stoller) (Slow, dramatic – tension etc.) 02:10

Making Time (Barry Stoller) (Bright, cheery, carefree) 02:06

Probe (Barry Stoller) (Furtive, uncertain, rhythmic) 01:51

Push Button (Barry Stoller) (Mechanical activity; forward movement) 02:02

Result (Barry Stoller) (General industrial activity – up-tempo middle section) 02:06

Taking It Easy (Barry Stoller) (Light, relaxing, neutral) 02:15

Design (Barry Stoller) (Bright, driving, cheerful) 02:03

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