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Small group rhythm section with male and female vocal sounds playing a variety of styles.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3227

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Vocal Shades And Tones cover art.

Side 1

Hot Heels (Barbara Moore) (Bright, driving movement) 02:50

It’s Gospel (Barbara Moore) (Slow, soulful – “Churchy” style) 02:49

Steam Heat (Barbara Moore) (Exotic, tropical – sinister overtones) 02:59

Fly Away (Barbara Moore) (Light outdoors movement) 02:45

His Name Was (Barbara Moore) (Dignified, pure, Classical feeling) 02:35

Swing Over (Barbara Moore) (Brisk, cheery, carefree) 02:18

Touch Of Warmth (Barbara Moore) (Gentle bossa, Continental flavour) 02:40

Side 2

Voice Force Nine (Barbara Moore) (Exuberant, rhythmic) 02:13

Very Fine Fellow (Barbara Moore) (Jaunty, easy-going “swingle” style) 01:58

Shades – Tones (Barbara Moore) (Slow, moody) 03:27

I’m Feather (Barbara Moore) (Cool, up-tempo) 02:09

Drifting (Barbara Moore) (Warm, relaxed) 02:24

Take Off (Barbara Moore) (Bright outdoor activity) 01:58

Fly Paradise (Barbara Moore) (Mid-tempo, beaty, carefree) 02:18

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