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A wide range of short pieces, novelties and effects for double bass, drums and percussion.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3231

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Basse Et Batterie (Henri Renaud); (Robert Hermel) (Up-tempo neutral) 01:32

Bass And Drum Snippet No. 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mid-tempo neutral) 00:15

Bass And Drum Snippet No. 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:29

Bass And Drum Snippet No. 3 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Up-tempo neutral) 01:00

Bass And Drum Snippet No. 4 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slow-medium tempo) 00:15

Bass And Drum Snippet No. 5 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fastish tempo plus bongoes) 01:01

Bass Walk No. 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Medium-tempo; electric bass and drums) 00:32

Bass Walk No. 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:32

Bass Walk No. 3 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Up-tempo; electric bass and drums) 00:26

Bass Ad Lib (Henri Renaud); (Robert Hermel) (Free-tempo; moody) 02:08

Running Bass (Johnny Hawksworth) (Very fast; light) 00:43

Waltzing Bass (Johnny Hawksworth) (Furtive mid-tempo 3/4) 01:46

Narcissus (Johnny Hawksworth) (Comic) 00:34

Delibes Tune (Pizzicato) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Comic) 00:12

Delibes Tune (Arco) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Comic) 00:12

Comic Bass Tune (Johnny Hawksworth) (Arco bass) 00:32

Walking Blues (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fast Tempo) 02:07

Walking Blues (Johnny Hawksworth) (Medium Tempo) 01:02

Walking Blues (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slower) 02:26

Hillbillies (Johnny Hawksworth) (Comic) 00:30

Learning The Bass (Johnny Hawksworth) (Badly played; arco) 00:37

Bass Build-Up (Johnny Hawksworth) (Hesitant; mysterious) 00:21

Bass Tremolo (Ascending) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mysterious) 00:50

Bass Tremolo (Descending) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mysterious) 00:41

Side 2

The Drums And He (Frank Rothman) (Drum-kit solo; up-tempo, active) 03:27

Invention For Drums (F. Mijits) (As above) 02:01

Percussion Solo (Walter Warren) (As above) 01:00

Punctuation No. D.1 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (Side-drum roll) 00:31

Punctuation No. D.2 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (Military rhythm; side drum) 01:09

Punctuation No. D.3 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (As above, plus bass-drum) 01:47

Punctuation No. D.4 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (Continuous side-drum roll plus bass drum) 01:02

Punctuation No. D.5 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (Single beats; timpani) 00:49

Punctuation No. D.6 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (As above, slower) 00:55

Punctuation No. D.7 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (Single beats; 2 timpani) 00:36

Punctuation No. D.8 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (As above – slower) 00:43

Punctuation No. D.9 (I. Raymond & George Warwick) (Fast gallop; 2 timpani) 00:25

Timp Roll No. 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Continuous, dramatic) 00:31

Timp Roll No. 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Ominous; fragmentary) 00:32

Bongo Roll 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Continuous; dramatic) 00:11

Bongo Roll 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:13

Bongo Ad Lib (Henri Renaud); (Robert Hermel) (Free rhythms) 01:15

Solo Bongo-Rapid (Henri Renaud); (Robert Hermel) (As above – faster) 01:10

Heartbeats (Walter Warren) (Tom-tom simulation) 00:39

Cymbal Roll (Frank Rothman) (Build to climax and fade) 00:20

Hi-Hat (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mid-tempo; steady rhythm) 00:30

Hi-Hat And Bongo (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 00:15

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