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Large orchestral music with a classical feel with featured soloists including guitar, flute and oboe.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3234

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Synthesis Music For Strings cover art.

Side 1

Synthesis (Simon Haseley) (Light , serious, fluid movement) 03:22

Peaceful Interlude (Paul Ferris) (Romantic , wistful – guitar feature) 01:32

Love Song (Roger Webb) (Slow, romantic, haunting – guitar feature) 05:31

Grey Cantabile (Gordon Grant) (Dignified, melodic – oboe feature) 03:06

Sunday (Jack Trombey) (Gentle, romantic – guitar feature) 02:03

Magenta (Roger Webb) (Relaxed pastoral mood) 04:10

Focus (Gordon Grant) (Melodic, with steady movement) 03:09

Side 2

Concordes (Reg Tilsley) (Constant nervous movement) 03:55

Solace (Barbara Moore) (Plaintive, expressive – flute feature) 02:52

Glades (Jack Trombey) (Dignified, quasi-classical – organ feature) 02:43

Diffusion (Reg Tilsley) (Rhythmic, angular) 01:57

Nocturne (Simon Haseley) (Slow, sombre, dark) 05:03

Miranda (Jack Trombey) (Delicate, warm) 02:31

Vista (Barbara Moore) (Tranquil, vaporous atmosphere) 04:10

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