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A selection of modern small group pieces featuring flutes, guitars and keyboards. Suitable for children, teenagers, etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3238

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

9-10-OUT cover art.

Side 1

Gut (Alan Parker) (Pounding, earthy) 02:46

Reason (Alan Parker) (Quiet, probing , air of mystery) 03:23

Joyride (Alan Parker) (Warm, friendly, easy-going) 03:19

Warm Side (Alan Parker) (Rhythmic, medium-slow bossa) 02:58

Speciality (Alan Parker) (Bright, carefree movement) 02:33

Spice (Alan Parker) (Persistent, furtive) 02:31

Flip-Top (Alan Parker) (Cheerful, beaty) 02:03

New Feeling (Alan Parker) (Gentle, flowing) 03:04

Side 2

Swirl (Alan Parker) (Unusual, constant movement) 02:50

Pringle (Alan Parker) (Perky, light, beaty) 02:08

Blue Shade (Alan Parker) (Plaintive, slow) 03:29

9-10-Out (Alan Parker) (Active, out-and-about) 02:24

Hometown (Alan Parker) (Simple, nostalgic) 03:04

Maggie’s Bossa (Alan Parker) (Relaxed, sophisticated) 03:04

Ruby Wine (Alan Parker) (Warm, dignified) 03:00

Cash ‘N’ Carry (Alan Parker) (Fast, bright, exuberant) 02:15

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