Mar 312012

Big modern orchestral pieces for titles and underscores in outdoor and industrial moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3242

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Helicoptor Patrol (Keith Papworth) (Dynamic, modern, up-tempo) 03:02

Honours List (Keith Papworth) (Stately, dgnified) 03:23

Tomorrow’s World (Keith Papworth) (Bright, optimistic) 02:38

Grand Canyon (Jack Trombey) (Big western feel) 02:38

Aerodynamic (Keith Papworth) (Proud, boisterous) 03:26

Heritage (Keith Papworth) (Regal, impressive) 03:03

Far On In The Night (C. Dupriez) (Sentimental, nostalgic) 02:35

Side 2

Top Man (Jack Trombey) (Purposeful, rhythmic, activity) 02:44

Seat Of Government (Keith Papworth) (Proud, stately) 02:47

The Big Launch (Keith Papworth) (Big, expansive) 04:17

Waterfront (Peter Reno) (Dramatic, espionage) 02:31

Waterfront Extra End (Peter Reno) 00:04

City Scene (Keith Papworth) (Carefree, bustling) 02:13

Dignity (Keith Papworth) (Serene, gentle) 03:06

Chain Reaction (Peter Reno) (Good-humoured, beaty) 02:46

Computation (Jack Trombey); (Keith Papworth); (C. Dupriez); (Peter Reno) (Bright Jazz-waltz – Montages etc.) 02:21

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