May 152012

Uptempo, vivid Brass and Rhythm.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH5

Format: LP

Recording First Published: 1978

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Hawkwind And Fire (Alan Hawkshaw) (Aggressive funk to surprise ending) 03:01

Hawkwind And Fire (Alan Hawkshaw) (Alternate regular ending) 00:38

Stateside (Les Hurdle / Frank Ricotti) (Slick contemporary underscore) 02:53

Superdude (Francis Monkman) (Slick funky) 01:44

Wonder Groove (Steve Gray) (Funky ‘Stevie Wonder’ feel, ideal for V.O. tune starts at 1:31) 03:30

Hard Sell (Francis Monkman) (Active, purposeful) 02:40

Move On (Les Hurdle / Frank Ricotti) (Funky active underscore) 01:23

Fuel Injection (Alan Hawkshaw) (Determined medium pace ends in descending dissolve) 02:49

Side B

Light My Fire (Steve Gray) (Extrovert Brass and Rhythm) 02:56

Sunshine Shuffle (Steve Gray) (Fresh and alive) 02:40

Disco Fever (Brian Bennett) (Funky percussive fever) 04:02

Blockbuster (Keith Mansfield) (Punchy aggressive Brass with funky underlay) 02:41

Disco Dynamite (Keith Mansfield) (Pacey excitement with flash jags) 02:06

Discolypso (Steve Gray) (Exuberant fun) 02:20

Reach Out (Steve Gray) (Jazz-rock alto feature) 02:52

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