May 192012

Inventive contemporary scores designed to create visual impression.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH7

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Effervescence (Trevor Bastow) (Sparklingly fresh) 02:52

Winners (Trevor Bastow) (Exciting aggressive theme) 02:00

Dragster (Paul Keogh) (Masculine aggressive motion) 02:48

Arena (Paul Keogh) (Arresting powerful theme) 02:44

Mercury (Harold Fisher) (Fast, fluid, propulsive) 03:35

Cutaway (Harold Fisher) (Propulsive. Unusual time signature) 02:20

Reel To Reel (Les Hurdle) (Uptempo rock-jig) 02:18

Reel To Reel – Reprise (Les Hurdle) (Reprise on solo guitar) 00:18

Side B

Skytrain (Frank Ricotti) (Cool propulsion) 02:30

Ringing Guitars (Les Hurdle) (Rolling Guitars) 03:37

Sundancer (Paul Keogh) (Happy, lilting) 03:16

Sky Blue Pink (Frank Ricotti) (Gentle rhythmic Acoustic Guitars) 04:14

Sign Of The Times (Trevor Bastow) (Rock fugue) 01:52

Seventh Heaven (Les Hurdle) (Suspended flowing rhythm) 03:11

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