May 202012

Pacey and loud to cool laid back contemporary scores featuring Guitars, Keyboards, Woodwind, Brass, Drums and Percussion.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH8

Recording First Published: 1979

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Rhythm Stick (Frank Ricotti) (Catchy, medium pace) 03:30

Rock Hard (Paul Keogh) (Funky movement) 02:10

Rock Festival (Paul Keogh) (Loud, vivid, pacey) 02:42

Santana (Paul Keogh) (Outrageous samba) 01:53

African Flambe (Les Hurdle) (Uptempo rock samba) 01:36

Rebel (Francis Monkman) (Earthy sax feature) 01:37

Heavy Duty (Francis Monkman) (Slow, weird, sensuous) 01:38

Hip Joint (Brian Bennett) (Groovy ‘City after dark’ mood) 03:08

Side B

Black Leather (Andrew Jackman) (Aggressive solid rocker) 02:07

Cool Sweat (Andrew Jackman) (Sleazy) 02:31

Work On (Francis Monkman) (Funky motion) 03:32

Tubular Tubes (Francis Monkman) (Contrapuntal to heavy solid theme) 02:31

Silken Hair (Andrew Jackman) (Relaxed Electric Piano blues) 02:08

Shades (Trevor Bastow) (Cool and funky synth and rhythm) 02:14

Lurker (Frank Ricotti) (Laid back repetitive riff) 02:40

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