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Depicting various aspects of movement, mechanisation and processing. May be used in conjunction with Industry Vol. 1 (1161) and Industry Vol. 2 (1162).

Label: KPM

Cat. Number: KPM 1197

Recording First Published: 1977

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Express Cargo (Harold Fisher) (Punchy insistent movement) 03:15

Gear Shift (Dave Richmond) (Insistent rhythmic underlay) 02:28

Time And Motion (Harold Fisher) (Light rhythmic) 02:25

Momentum (Harold Fisher) (Bright uptempo mechanical motion) 02:24

In Production (Clive Hicks) (Medium tempo mechanical movement) 01:48

Big And Heavy (Tony Hymas) (Heavy percussive build) 01:54

Behind The Wheel (Duncan Lamont) (Light propulsive) 02:50

Working Well (Clive Hicks) (Light industrious) 02:33

Tense Up (Duncan Lamont) (Slowly building tension to break at 0:58 to climax. Thematic to ‘Race Against Time’) 01:18

Race Against Time (Duncan Lamont) (Urgent uptempo) 02:44

Side B

Strata Florida (Tony Hymas) (Intricate interweaving fluid motion) 02:08

Silver Stream (Clive Hicks) (Warm expansive) 03:15

Success Story (Clive Hicks) (Bright industrious) 02:55

Smooth Flight (Dave Richmond) (Relaxed fluid movement) 02:13

The Deep (Tony Hymas) (Nebulous suspended) 02:15

Current Flow (Tony Hymas) (Interweaving electronic textures) 02:47

Machine Age (Dave Richmond) (Eccentric mechanisation) 02:34

Mechanisation (Dave Richmond) (Eccentric mechanical motion) 02:02

Percussion Power (Harold Fisher) (Urgent percussion build to climax) 02:35

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