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The recordings contained herein have been specifically scored for small woodwind groups and depict the varied pastal quality of the instruments.

Label: KPM

Cat. Number: KPM 1142

Recording First Published: 1974

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side A

The Craftsman (David Lindup) (General light activity) 01:34

Season Of Mists (David Lindup) (Reflective pastoral – static) 02:15

Ode To Summer (David Lindup) (Idyllic pastoral – static) 01:57

Meadowland (David Lindup) (Peaceful pastoral – static) 01:51

Friends Of The Earth (David Lindup) (Light open underscore) 02:37

Birdwatch (David Lindup) (Warm – nebulous) 01:52

Flight Path (David Lindup) (Reflective – slow motion – birds) 01:45

The Long Trek (David Lindup) (Neutral descriptive – static) 01:42

Bleak Prospect (David Lindup) (Neutral – empty) 01:54

Stress And Strain (David Lindup) (Tense – expectant) 01:38

Risky Business (David Lindup) (Progressive statements) 00:52

Side B

Ballet For Woodwind (George Behar) (Charming – light – polite) 01:20

Fertile Land (George Behar) (Pastoral vista) 01:45

Homestead (George Behar) (Tender) 01:30

Sculpture (George Behar) (Neutral – abstract) 02:10

Space Pattern (George Behar) (Legato – suspended) 01:55

Ponder (George Behar) (Slow – ponderous) 01:45

Infertility (George Behar) (Ugly – disaster – aftermath) 02:06

Solus (George Behar) (Sad – emotional) 02:03

Aperture (George Behar) (Consistent atonal patterns) 01:54

Illogic (George Behar) (Irregular movement and patterns) 01:27

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