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Unusual modern drama.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 2973

Recording First Published: 1966

Format: 10″ LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Prelude And Dawn – The Experiencer (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan)  (Calming intro with harpsichord and flute into progressive and rhythmic mood) 03:45

Heart Of The North (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Otherworldly and dreamy laid-back vibes) 03:04

The Observer (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan)  (Experimental, meditative saxophone, harpsichord and vibraphone soundscape) 03:37

Conclusions (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Revolving and evolving hypnotic mood) 01:40

Side 2

Neutral Background (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Swinging, upbeat and cheerful jazzy groove) 02:38

Reflections (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Tranquil and relaxed piano, saxophone and harpsichord) 01:56

Packing, Printing And Light Assembly (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Insistent and revolving industrial theme) 01:34

Research Laboratory (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Surreal and Experimental Avant-garde Mood) 00:55

Communications (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Fast and forceful with a mechanical feel) 00:30

Lunch Hour Pops (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Groovy swinging 12 Bar pop) 00:52

Heavy Machinery (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) 00:25

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