Jan 262011

Modern beat music.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 2974

Recording First Published: 1966

Format: 10″ LP

Sound: Mono

The Wild One Cover Art

The Wild One (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Fast and furious organ and brass freakout) 02:42

Lawdy Lawdy (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Low-down Baritone Sax And Electric Guitar Pop) 04:09

March Of The Defiant Ones (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman)  (Way-out and innovative harmonica, organ and guitar mix) 02:36

Pop Spot (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Catchy And Upbeat 60s Guitar Pop) 01:51

Viva La Tamla Motown (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Driving rhythm section with pop guitars and harmonica) 03:46

Roller Coaster (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Rolling 60s 12-bar boogie shuffle) 03:03

The Lonely Ones (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Sassy and sexy sax-led piano pop noir) 02:33

Pageing Sullivan (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Swirling and far-out guitar groove) 02:30

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