Feb 012011

Authentic small group music through the centuries. Lute / Harpsichord / String Quartet.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3031

Recording First Published: 1967

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Mediaeval – 13th/15th Century

Strolling Players (Paul Lewis) 01:53

Ballad For My Lady (Paul Lewis) 01:31

Jester’s Dance (Paul Lewis) 00:58 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

Court Entrance (Paul Lewis) 01:06 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

16th Century

Love Song (Paul Lewis) 02:13

Doublet And Hose (Harpsichord) (Paul Lewis) 01:15 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

Elizabethan Dance (Harpsichord) (Paul Lewis) 01:01

17th Century

State Function (Paul Lewis) 01:24

Sad Event (Paul Lewis) 01:32 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

Royal Revelry (Paul Lewis) 01:02

18th Century

Masked Ball (Paul Lewis) 01:24

Music Tutor (Harpsichord) (Paul Lewis) 01:32 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

Powdered Wigs (Paul Lewis) 01:23

19th Century

Stately Home (Paul Lewis) 01:51 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

German Dance (Paul Lewis) 01:22 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

Ballroom (Paul Lewis) 00:59 (Benny Hill TV Show cue)

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