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Further neutral and industrial pieces.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The International Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3050

Recording First Published: 1967

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

American Neutral Backgrounds No. 5 cover art.  American Neutral Backgrounds No. 5 - Back cover art.

Cover Art Courtesy Of: Stack Jackson

Side 1

Transit Passenger (D. Andrew) 01:33

Melody Meander (D. Andrew) 01:52

Working At Home (D. Andrew) 02:12

Machine Staccato (D. Andrew) 02:07

Gyroscope (D. Andrew) 01:40

Microdrive (D. Andrew) 01:50

Light Work (Hugh Granville) 02:20

Side 2

Industrial Enterprise (Derek Laren) 02:34

Industrial Teamwork (Derek Laren) 01:46

American Industrial Backgrounds (No. 1) (George Warwick) 01:34

American Industrial Backgrounds (No. 1 – Extra end) (George Warwick) 00:14

American Industrial Backgrounds (No. 2) (George Warwick) 01:19

American Industrial Backgrounds (No. 4) (George Warwick) 01:50

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