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Authentic Indian music played on Sitar, Tambur and Tabla.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3060

Recording First Published: 1967

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Sounds Of India cover art.

Side 1

Song Of Mystery (M. Kansara) (Semi dramatic with tambur giving dramatic effects) 01:27

Indian Dance No. 1 (M. Kansara) 02:07

Indian Dance No. 2 (M. Kansara) (Two authentic Indian dances) 02:32

Tranquility (M. Kansara) (Music depicting a peaceful scene) 02:43

Sad Tune (M. Kansara) (Sitar solo – reflective mood) 02:30

Marching Tunes (M. Kansara) (Rhythmic march – sitar with tambur accompaniment) 02:25

Marching Tunes – End (M. Kansara) 00:24

Drum Variations (M. Kansara) (Tambur solo) 01:20

Dramatic Drumming No. 1 (M. Kansara) 01:23

Dramatic Drumming No. 2 (M. Kansara) (Two tambur solos) 01:36

Side 2

Modern Rhythms No. 1 (M. Kansara) (Sitar, tabla and tambur – authentic impression) 02:10

Modern Rhythms No. 2 (M. Kansara) (Rhythmic authentic Indian music) 01:55

Romantic Scene No. 1 (M. Kansara) (Authentic with rhythm) 01:56

Romantic Scene No. 2 (M. Kansara) (Slow sitar solo) 01:35

Indian Folk Tune No. 1 (M. Kansara) (Rhythmic folk tune) 02:27

Indian Folk Tune No. 2 (M. Kansara) 02:25

Agricultural Lands No. 1 (M. Kansara) 02:25

Agricultural Lands No. 2 (M. Kansara) 00:42

Agricultural Lands No. 3 (M. Kansara) (Scenic impressions) 01:30

Prayer (M. Kansara) (Melodic sitar solo – religious) 02:30

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