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Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3066

Recording First Published: 1967

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Don't Lose Your Cool cover art.

Side 1

Don’t Lose Your Cool (Basil Kirchin); (Jack Nathan) (Light neutral suspense – tension builder – Trumpet improvisation after 1:20 leading into ‘block ensemble’ at 1.58) 02:52

Action Music (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Modern background) 01:37

Four Against Seven (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (8 stacco chords lead to neutral 7/4. Free trumpet) 02:25

Another Time, Another Place (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Sustained melody against moving background) 03:22

Happiness Is A Thing Called … (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Continuous sound and movement – jazz background) 02:37

Side 2

Inter-Action (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman) (Alto sax extemporisation broken by repetitive rhythmic background) 02:02

The Rebel – Main Credits (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) (Legato trumpet theme with restless 6/8 accompaniment) 01:36

Main Theme – Lonely Version (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) (Slow flute solo with accompaniment) 01:30

Through New Territory (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) 01:38

Main Theme – 1st Variation (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) (Slow and melodic) 01:30

Main Theme – Pop Version (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) (Pop guitar solo with moving background) 01:38

Nervous (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) (Guitar and harp with sustained background) 01:57

Running Fight (Basil Kirchin); (John Coleman); (Jack Nathan) (Restless extemporised) 00:58

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