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National music from various countries, Canada, Japan, Norway, Middle East.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3071

Recording First Published: 1968

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Mount Of Olives (Morgan Jones) (Serenity – nostalgic – religious etc.) 05:25

Expo Canada (Keith Papworth) (Title music – nationalistic – Canadian) 03:53

Greetings From Norway (Derek Laren) (Bright – nationalistic) 01:53

Middle East Impression (Derek Laren) (Bazaars and markets) 02:56

Far East Impression: Japan (Derek Laren) (Medium tempo) 02:14

Far East Impression: Indonesia (Derek Laren) (Gentle flowing movement) 02:26

Side 2

Music Of Japan No. 2 (Authentic) (Flute going into discordant harmonies) 03:12

Fete Shintoiste (Authentic) (Religious folklore – mostly flute, drum and cowbell) 03:23

Fesitival Celebration: Japan (Authentic) (As above with ensemble vocal) 03:49

Music Of Pakistan No. 1 (Authentic) (Flute feature) 02:11

Music Of Pakistan No. 3 (Authentic) (Tambourine, flute etc. quick tempo) 02:56

Music Of Pakistan No. 4 (Authentic) (Slow tempo stringed instrument featured) 02:30

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