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Small group moods with an unusual flavour. Featuring electric guitar and keyboards. Very moody or dramatic, avant-garde and melodic.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DWS/LP 3319

Recording First Published: 1975

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Metal Sunrise cover art.

Side 1

All Day Long (Pierre Arvay) (lyrical, flowing, wistful) 02:41

Metal Sunrise (Pierre Arvay) (urgent, dramatic, foreboding) 02:28

Blue Dawn (Pierre Arvay) (delicate, hesitant, mysterious) 03:35

Rippling Waves (Pierre Arvay) (fugal, precise; guitar duet) 03:03

Still Waters (Pierre Arvay) (weird, atmospheric, capricious) 03:45

Ambre Rayon (Pierre Arvay) (strange, slow, light tension) 03:12

Side 2

Stress (Pierre Arvay) (heavy, insistent 6/8) 02:29

Pour Un Ami Defunt (Pierre Arvay) (minor feeling, doomy, repetitive beat) 03:20

Spin Out (Pierre Arvay) (pacy, running, dramatic) 01:39 (Shaw Brothers cue – Heaven & Hell)

Planet City (Pierre Arvay) (strange, eerie, movement) 01:53

Running Waters (Pierre Arvay) (delicate, precise, classical feel) 02:49

Lonely Guitar (Pierre Arvay) (pensive solo, classical feel) 02:45

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