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Large orchestral dramatic and mystery moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3269

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Flying Messenger (O. Armstrong) (Fast excitement) 01:36

Hasty Departure (D. Matthews) (Dramatic quick movement) 01:27

Agitato No. 1 (Derek Laren) (Quiet mysterioso) 01:24

Agitato No. 2 (Derek Laren) (Pulsating movement) 00:38

Fog Bound (Ivor Slaney) (Quiet, slow mysterioso) 02:02 (Shaw Brothers cue – Invincible Shaolin)

A Matter Of Urgency (Ivor Slaney) (Vigorous; light-serious undertones) 01:33

Impulse No. 1 (Ivor Slaney) (Dramatic; movement) 00:42

Impulse No. 2 (Ivor Slaney) (Anticipation; movement) 01:04

Desperation (Ivor Slaney) (Dramatic) 01:26

Jailbreak (R. Gill) (Build up and die-away) 00:46

Shadowed (R. Gill) (Quiet mysterioso with build-up end) 00:49

Musique Concrete & Electronique No. 2 (Camille Sauvage) (Lively, weird, build-up end) 01:12

Musique Concrete & Electronique No. 3 (Camille Sauvage) (Medium-slow, strange) 01:24

Side 2

Wheel Of Fate (B. Holmes) (Plaintive mysterioso) 01:28

Creeps No. 1 (H. M. Farrar) (Strange mysterioso) 02:28

Creeps No. 2 (H. M. Farrar) (Mysterioso — build-up end) 01:26

Circle Of Danger (B. Holmes) (Activity, excitement) 01:12

Despair (R. Gill) (Dramatic, tense) 01:32

Vultures (D. Matthews) (Dramatic, expressive) 02:30

Jackboot (P. Francklyn) (Dramatic, rhythmic, insistent) 02:31 (Shaw Brothers cue – House Of Traps)

Sinister Street Section 1 (P. Francklyn) (Dramatic builder) 01:16

Sinister Street Section 2 (P. Francklyn) (As above) 01:19

Desperate Moment (Keith Essex) (Dramatic movement) 02:48

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