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Modern electronic group sounds. Moods vary from opening titles and hard sell to comedy and children.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: (Astral Sounds)

Cat. Number: DWS/LP 3393

Recording First Published: 1980

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side 1

Sky Train (John Saunders) (up-tempo, imposing, driving) 03:30

Magpie (John Saunders) (mid-tempo, light-hearted) 02:24

Mirrors (John Saunders) (slow, floating, atmospheric – beaty last verse) 02:58

Sniggers (John Saunders) (bright, breezy) 02:43

Gamma (John Saunders) (build into mid-tempo, rippling electronic piece) 02:32

Spink (John Saunders) (fast, carefree, jokey) 02:15

Free As A Bird (John Saunders) (flowing, rippling, lively) 04:19

Leap Frog (John Saunders) (comic tune and noises) 01:02

Side 2

Breakout (John Saunders) (fast, dramatic, racy) 02:58

Special Day (John Saunders) (melodic, flowing, easy-going) 03:00

Zenith (John Saunders) (pacy, pulsating, dramatic) 03:28 (Shaw Brothers – Hex After Hex)

Pongle (John Saunders) (up-tempo, light-hearted, exuberant) 02:17

Fish Finger (John Saunders) (breezy, happy) 01:50

Four Eyes (John Saunders) (rolling, mid-tempo, carefree) 02:20

Prisms (John Saunders) (atmospheric, linear) 01:05

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