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Big string sound covering romantic pastorale, etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3094

Recording First Published: 1968

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Flight Of The Heron, Opening Title (Peter Knight) (Mysterioso leading into big dramatic opening title) 01:23 (Red Gauntlet TV series theme tune)

The Scottish Scene (Peter Knight) (Brood romantic theme with Scottish flavour) 01:50

Wyndham’s Ride (Peter Knight) (Medium quick – scenic piece – horse riding) 01:54

Cameron & Wyndham (Peter Knight) (Light – gentle – romantic) 01:27

Romantic Theme (Peter Knight) (Broad – sad romantic) 02:40

Closing Theme (Peter Knight) (Pastoral leading to big dramatic) 01:50

Side 2

Mellow Reflection (Peter Knight) (Wide expansive romantic semi-tragic) 02:26

Action Music No. 1 (Peter Knight) (Relentless dramatic chase – fight music) 01:32

Action Music No. 2 (Peter Knight) (Relentless dramatic chase – fight music) 01:01

Army On The March (Peter Knight) (Very slow despondent march) 02:01

Link A (Peter Knight) (Main theme) 00:07

Flute Insert (Peter Knight) (Medium tempo) 00:14

Dramatic Link No. 1 (Peter Knight) (Dramatic theme) 00:06

Dramatic Link No. 2 (Peter Knight) (Variation on theme) 00:08

Dramatic Link No. 3 (Peter Knight) (Beginning of commercial break) 00:10

Dramatic Link No. 4 (Peter Knight) (Pathos Link) 00:08

The Prophesy (Peter Knight) (Tremolo mysterioso with climax) 00:42

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