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Fourteen pictorial sketches for orchestra. Large orchestral pieces for features.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3095

Recording First Published: : 1968

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Pays De Legende (Land Of Legend) (Edouard Michael) (Light – ethereal – visions) 01:55

Vision De Frayeur (Vision Of Fear) (Edouard Michael) (Slow moving dramatic) 03:05

Le Voyageur (The Traveller) (Edouard Michael) (Broad exciting – panoramic) 02:31

Pastorale Des Montagnes (Mountain Pastoral) (Edouard Michael) (Light dance movement) 01:20

Eveil A L’aube (Dawn Awakening) (Edouard Michael) (Slowly unfolding – bursting into full flower) 02:35

Appel Des Morts (Call of the Dead) (Edouard Michael) (Fear, tragedy and apprehension) 01:40

Ronde Infernal (Infernal Dance) (Edouard Michael) (Pulsating worship dance) 01:42

Side 2

Au Fil De L’eau (Flowing Water) (Edouard Michael) (Big exciting tumbling water) 02:45

Ciel Nocturne (Evening Sky) (Edouard Michael) (Atmosphere of solitude in late evening – Eastern flavour) 02:19

Burlesque (Burlesque) (Edouard Michael) (Innocent – nature – small animals) 01:23

Scene De Desolation (Scene of Desolation) (Edouard Michael) (Drama – despair sustained string tremolo throughout) 03:18

Jardin De Paradis (Garden of Paradise) (Edouard Michael) (Exploration in lush terrain) 02:23

Aridite (Barren Earth) (Edouard Michael) (Despair) 02:55

Re-Jouissance (Rejoicing) (Edouard Michael) (Ancient feasts – banquets – drinking and merrymaking) 02:14

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